Are you a construction contractor, do-it-yourself remodeler, or taking on a challenge that requires heavy duty tools and equipment? Bulk Yard 35 has an extensive construction equipment rental department that’s got you covered. Whenever and wherever you need a temporary or long-term rental, we offer scheduling, pickup and delivery to make it easy.

Trusted Excavator Rental Skid Steer Rental, Backhoe Rental and More

Homeowners, contractors and businesses in Central Jersey have relied on Bulk Yard 35 for construction equipment rental service because we offer the best. We have a variety of options depending on the size of the project, the location, and your needs. This includes:

  • Backhoe rental
  • Concrete & mortar
  • Core bits
  • Trowel machinery
  • Concrete vibrators
  • Skid steer rental and attachments
  • Underground boring tools
  • Air compressors
  • Air tools, bits and hoses
  • Excavating rental equipment
  • Lighting & heating equipment
  • Pumps
  • Compaction and paving
  • Generators & welders
  • Electrics tools
  • Landscape equipment
    Sewer camera
  • Sewer snake
  • High pressure sewer jet
  • Rotobrush air duct cleaning machine

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No matter what you need, Bulk Yard 35 offers simple flat-rate pricing with long rental periods and better terms. If you’re looking for excavator rental, lightweight tools, skid steer rental, or anything in between, contact us today to get your project completed with the best brands. Call 732-952-3750.