Stop the weeds by using a high-quality weed blocker on any mulch or stone project. Then finish up the job with edging that keeps your product in place. PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO SEE WHAT IS IN STOCK.

Available Products


SRW has hardscaping and concrete products that go the extra mile. Their weed control fabric is the perfect base for any mulch or stone job. Stop the weeds before they have a chance to grow. Allows water to flow while blocking weeds.


B.E.A.S.T. Edging by Brickstop is the best-selling plastic paver edging that helps keep your pavers in places. It’s flexible so it allows you to make curved shapes.


BrickStop Aluminum Edging bends to your needs no matter how complex your interlocking brick and paving stone design is. Made of aluminum, it’s strong enough for straight lines, yet flexible enough to follow the most intricate curved patterns.


EDGESTAR is ideally suited for use as a planting bed edging in both residential and commercial applications. Other uses include edging for walkways, jogging trails, running tracks, asphalt borders and maintenance strips.

Belgium Blocks

These natural granite blocks are a stylish way to line garden beds, driveways or provide an apron.

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